Services and Fees

Naturopathic services (appointments) are HST exempt. HST will be applied to products such as labs, supplements etc, where applicable.


Naturopathic, Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy Services+

First new patient appointment (60 min)                                                                                  180

Follow-up/ Treatment appointment (30 min)*                                                                        95

Follow-up/Treatment appointment (45 min)*                                                                        110

Follow-up/ Treatment appointment (60 min)*                                                                       160


*It will be determined and discussed at your initial consultation how many, how often and the duration of your treatments. After the first new patient visit, acupuncture appointments are typically 30 or 45 minutes; hypnotherapy services are 45 or 60 minutes; general follow-ups are 30 minutes. Conditions that are assessed to be more severe or complicated may be required to have more frequent and/or longer follow-up treatment visits. Fees do not include the cost of additional tests or supplements.

+ All services performed/ administered are billed as “Naturopathic Services”  (excluding 3rd party lab tests and supplements)


Smoking cessation hypnosis program                                                          please inquire


Birth Doula Services

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Prices may change without notice. Naturopathic services (appointments) are HST exempt. Prices do not include the cost of additional tests and supplements that may be necessary for your treatment. HST will be applied to products such as lab tests and supplements etc where applicable.


What To Expect During Your Appointments with EeVon Ling

New Patient first appointment: 60 min.

All new patients are required to undergo this comprehensive first visit.

Prior to this appointment you will complete the following forms: Review of Systems, Lifestyle Assessment and Diet diary.  You will also bring with you a copy of any recent relevant test results.

During this session we will first discuss your immediate or primary health concern(s) as well as your general health and lifestyle based on the information from your forms.  Then a general physical exam will be performed using standard diagnostic instruments and in-house tests (if necessary). A preliminary treatment plan will be discussed based on my assessment and findings. You may receive simple initial treatment recommendations, acupuncture, general relaxation exercises, supplement prescriptions and/or referred to additional medical tests (if required). Customized diet plans and personalized hypnotherapy sessions are not yet given at this visit.

Follow up/ treatment appointments: 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Unlike your appointments with your MD, which usually occur only when you are sick or have an acute need, as your naturopathic doctor, I devise a treatment plan, mapping out the “journey” that will bring you closer to your health goals. Each appointment builds upon each other, creating increasing positive health effects over time.

Treatment sessions may include follow-up, nutrition counseling, personalized diet recommendations, supplement prescriptions, acupuncture, cupping, hypnosis and mind-body relaxation exercises etc. The frequency and length of follow up/ treatment visits is dependent on your health needs and will be discussed in your first appointment when possible. 

Acupuncture for fertility support is generally weekly for natural conception and IVF/IUI treatment cycles. For IVF and IUI additional acupuncture sessions are offered for pre and post egg retrieval, embryo transfer and insemination procedures. An acupuncture protocol will be developed for you according to your own personal and unique needs.

Hypnosis and Mind-Body relaxation sessions for IVF treatment cycles are weekly according to each stage of the cycle. Each session is designed to enhance each specific stage of the IVF cycle.


Do you have employee health benefits or extended health insurance? Many third party insurance providers include naturopathic services in their coverage.  All services offered by EeVon Ling ND (nutrition, acupuncture, hypnosis, doula etc) are considered naturopathic services.