Pregnancy and Prenatal

Nutrition, Morning sickness, Pre-eclampsia, Gestational diabetes, Placenta previa


Pregnancy should be a joyous time enjoyed by the mum-to-be.  Maintaining good health is important for both the mum and developing baby. Many of the pregnancy related issues such as morning sickness, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, toxemia and gestational diabetes in the woman, weight, developmental and positional issues with baby are largely preventable and treatable through nutrition, supplementation, herbs and acupuncture.

From a mental and emotional aspect, managing stress is beneficial for both mum and baby — when you are experiencing stress, your baby experiences stress too! Unfortunately in today’s modern ways, pregnant women feel increased stress, especially towards the end of her pregnancy as she hurries to finish up work projects and deadlines in preparation for her maternity leave.  Also, it is common for expectant mums to have little to no support outside of their spouse or partner, and so the added uncertainty of how she will adjust to life after baby may be a significant stress that adds to her already full plate.

The combined approach of naturopathic modalities with hypnotherapy techniques can help rebalance your health and well-being during a time when incredible changes are taking place within your body and are about to take place in your life.