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Whether you are thinking about having children sooner or later, the time to think about your fertility is NOW!

In an ideal world couples would prepare for family planning at least 3 months BEFORE attempting to become pregnant. In those 3 months before they even meet, the egg and sperm are developing quietly, carrying within them the genetic material that will ultimately become another human. During those 3 months this human potential could be exposed to free-radicals from pollutants, poor diet, smoking, artificial hormones etc, possibly affecting the health of the egg and sperm so that they can’t fertilize at all or affect the health of the resulting baby if they do fertilize.

Most of us don’t even think about our fertility until we want to have children. Until that time, most of us pick up dietary and lifestyle habits that may not be conducive to preserving our fertility and having a healthy baby. Often times fertility issues go undetected, are ignored or are artificially managed with birth control pills.

Pre-conception health is important for both men and women. You are both contributing equal share of the genetic material for your future baby. It is not enough if the woman is following a healthy diet and lifestyle but the man continues to smoke and eat poorly (a situation I have come across often in my practice). It takes 2 to make a healthy baby!

Artificial reproductive techniques such as IVF or IUI offer hope for couples with fertility issues, however, even with medical assistance, the highest success rates come from the healthiest eggs, healthiest sperm and healthiest uterus.

Taking steps to preserve your fertility and maintaining good health can be your insurance towards any future family planning!