Post Partum

“I help women navigate new motherhood by acknowledging her good health and well-being as essential to her family” 


Having a baby can be both a joyous and overwhelming occasion for you and your family. Even though it seems that all the attention and energy shifts to the newborn, it is still important that your health and well-being are priority too.  For several months your body accomplished a truly amazing thing — you grew, nurtured and brought forth another human being into your world.  Let’s appreciate what it took for you to accomplish this: nutrients, energy, physical and emotional resources that all came from you.

Now it’s time to allow your body to recover so that you can truly enjoy parenthood in good health.

From your midwife or OBGYN, your baby receives thorough medical care during his or her regular postnatal visits in the very important 6 weeks after birth. For mums, the 6 weeks following birth are very important for her as well, however, the conventional medical system is not as thorough with after care for the woman.

As your naturopathic doctor, it is my job to put your health first — assuring you of what is normal and assessing and screening for what might not be normal and what requires treatment:

After care for mother — perineum health and healing

Lactation and breastfeeding support for mother and baby

Screening for post-partum depression and strategies to help with “baby blues”

Hormone balance — screening for adrenal, thyroid and other possible hormone imbalances

Optimizing nutrition through diet and supplementation

General emotional support, stress management and strategies to adjust to life with baby