“What if your mind fully understood and embraced how truly

miraculous and powerful your body really is?”


Does Wonder Woman ever doubt herself? Does she fear what her body is capable of doing? Does she let fear stop her achieving super hero feats?

Your answer is probably a resounding, “No, of course not….but she is Wonder Woman, a superhero..”

Women, you may not consider yourself the same as Wonder Woman, but you do have super powers. The power to grow a human. The ability to birth that human. AND, to make food for the exact needs of that human. ALL FROM YOUR OWN BODY! And all of this is happening without you having to think about it or do anything particularly out of the ordinary – in fact, you do it in your sleep!

Pretty amazing, right?

Your body instinctively knows it has super powers. But what about your mind? Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Stress. These are the common emotions women have during their pregnancy and towards labour and childbirth.  These emotions work against us and our bodies, and unfortunately, we haven’t been taught to think differently so it’s a vicious cycle of fear and our bodies reacting to that fear – pain and tight muscles and feelings of stress affecting pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

Now imagine feeling CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED and PREPARED to have your baby. 

Yes, it’s possible!

Hypnosis can help you relax and perhaps even help change the way you think about things, get rid of negative thoughts and feelings about labour and birthing.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit my HypnoBirthing website www.myhypnobirthing.ca for prenatal classes that teach you how to feel relaxed, confident and prepared for childbirth. Or you can contact me if you’d like to learn more about dealing with a past birth trauma or other fears and anxieties:  eevonlingnd@gmail.com