EeVon Ling is a registered and licensed Naturopathic Doctor who completed her training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She also attended McMaster University where she completed a BSc. in Honours Biology & Psychology. After working for 2 years in Japan and travelling around South East Asia, she realized that the holistic principles of naturopathic medicine made sense and pursued it as her lifestyle and career.

“Good health is not simply being disease free. Good health is living life to its fullest potential. It is balancing your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. My role as your naturopathic doctor is to help you overcome the obstacles and help you achieve your goals toward a lifetime of good health.”

As her practice and experience grew, EeVon became a Certified Hypnotherapist to add to her “toolbox” of natural healing approaches. Over the years as a naturopathic doctor EeVon realized that for many of her patients simply providing personalized diets, supplement prescriptions and lifestyle recommendations were not enough. Many people arrive at their current state of health as a result of a lifetime of limiting beliefs and unproductive habits and behaviours — these things serving as obstacles that get in the way of making real and lasting health changes. Once she started integrating hypnosis with her naturopathic treatment modalities, EeVon really noticed a positive change in how her patients responded to treatment plans and how they viewed and took control of their own health.

Over the last few years, EeVon’s naturopathic practice has evolved, focusing in the areas of fertility and perinatal health. This transition may have been a natural one as she naturally birthed 2 beautiful daughters at home using HypnoBirthing methods and techniques (of which she is a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner). Helping couples fulfill their dreams of having a family has made her career a rewarding one.

By truly taking a mind-body approach towards your health, EeVon provides a unique treatment approach that takes advantage of both modern evidence-based medicine and traditional systems of medicine and is individualized to your own physical and emotional needs.