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  • Hypnosis

    Hypnosis can be used for a wide range of concerns and conditions. Relaxation, visualization and suggestions help create new and useful subconscious messages and programs so you can let go of negative and maladaptive subconscious messages and programs that are holding you back from your true potential.

  • HypnoBirthing

    Have a calm, relaxed and gentle birth!

    HypnoBirthing is a complete childbirth education and preparation class where you will confidently learn how to do what your body is perfectly designed to do — birth your baby.

  • Fertility

    EeVon Ling offers a comprehensive and unique mind-body approach to enhancing your fertility, whether you want to optimize your chances of having your baby naturally or you want to maximize your chances of success using medical assistance such as IVF or IUI.

  • Doula Services

    “Birthing your baby is a healthy, natural and normal function of your body. I’ll be there to help you feel calm, comfortable and confident that you CAN do it!”

    Doula Services